Redefining DreamFolks' Digital Presence in Two Weeks of Design Ingenuity.
January 12, 2024
UX Design | Visual Design
Aaditya, Hribhav, Ishita
Travel and hospitality

When Dreamfolks approached us, they had an interesting predicament on their hands. Their website wasn’t shaping up in the way they were envisioning it. And after multiple attempts to communicate their expectations with other stakeholders, they were not entirely satisfied with the results.

But the bigger urgent issue was a hard timeline of their product launch as well as a physical event that was already scheduled. It was crucial that the website should be done by then to meet the spike of interest that will come from the launch event. Time was of the essence.And here is where we stepped in.

We agreed to design and deliver a complete functioning website in just two weeks. Keeping in mind sufficient timelines for testing, feedback and allowing the team dry runs of the website flow.So how did we go about designing, developing and publishing a multi-page website within a tight timeframe? Also ensuring that we do not compromise on design integrity? The answer: seamless collaboration, transparent communication, and an importance for structural thinking and realistic project management.We recommended using Webflow which required minimal intervention from their tech team. This allowed us to internally manage the entire project with only a few key stakeholders.While the client was new to both the software and the process, we are very grateful that they chose to trust us and our experience with this project. We are very fortunate to have a client that allowed us to work our magic and do our thing, which helped us further to meet all expectations and timelines.

DreamFolks is one of the largest global travel and lifestyle services aggregator, dedicated towards elevating the airport experience. They currently hold an impressive 90% market share in India's domestic lounge access market for debit and credit card programs. In the last decade, they have evolved their offerings from lounge access services to a full suite of premium travel and lifestyle services using technology-led initiatives.

The central challenge lay in transforming DreamFolks' online presence to cater to both B2B and B2C audiences. Previous experiences had yielded poor results, leaving the company with minimal reusable assets. The requirement was heightened by an imminent investor launch in just two weeks. Hence we aspired to chase the ambitious goal of creating a user-friendly, descriptive website with interactions, illustrations, and high-quality content, surpassing global standards and competitors' offerings.

Recognizing the urgency and time constraints, our design methodology became pivotal in not just crafting the website but also expediting the launch process. And opting to build the entire website on Webflow emerged as the optimal solution. Webflow empowers designers to efficiently create intricate products, aligning seamlessly with the rapid pace of business and unlocking opportunities within constraints. Simultaneously, artificial intelligence (AI) played a key role in tailoring visuals for the platform. Tools like Photoshop, Mid Journey, and Stable Diffusion were employed to tweak images, ensuring the desired tonal quality. (Referencing articles on licensing and ownership of Mid Journey-created images).

The fusion of Webflow templates, AI-generated images, and thoughtful tone and color choices in a collage/grid format encapsulates our design strategy. This not only addresses tight project timelines but also allows us sufficient creativity while meeting strategic brand expectations. In visual media, a focused approach on AI-driven image creation, coupled with a structured grid layout, amplifies our narrative, highlighting the synergy between cutting-edge technology and strategic design thinking.

The design solution marked a transformative shift from B2B to B2C, emphasizing a premium design language aligned with DreamFolks' expertise and market position. The narrative delves into the intentional choices made to build trust, enhance lead conversion, and ensure retention among B2C clients. The design system crafted for the brand was consciously made premium and minimal to retain the right target audience.

While specific measurable outcomes are pending, the narrative anticipates an increase in B2C clients and heightened website traffic. The impact on stakeholders is framed around the potential victories and challenges tied to these measurable outcomes.

DreamFolks has a 90% market share in India and is present in 140 countries worldwide