Unifying Design Ecosystems
March 7, 2024
Design Partner | Design System | Design Management
Health and Wellbeing

Mosaic Wellness is a house of established brands, with products that cater to a diverse set of audiences. Each individual sub-brand has its own ecosystem that needs to function in a coordinated manner to meet bigger company goals. At the core of Mosaic Wellness's journey lies a pressing need to establish an integrated system that fosters seamless collaboration among designers, product managers, and tech teams across its three platforms. This arises from the company's ambition to accelerate development cycles, facilitate experimentation, and scale solutions effectively. Recognising the importance of robust internal processes, the focus shifted towards enhancing communication channels, optimising file management, clarifying handoffs, and creating a centralised repository of vital information. Mosaic Wellness received significant backing, securing $10 million in seed funding from investors including Sequoia Capital India, Elevation Capital, and Matrix Partners India, as well as notable angels like Kunal Shah, Jitendra Gupta, and Jaydeep Barman.

With a portfolio like Man Matters, Be Bodywise, and Little Joys, Mosaic Wellness has amassed a monthly user base exceeding one million, serving over 1 million consultations within the first two years with a remarkable more than 50% monthly repeat rate. Mosaic Wellness had successfully established three digital platforms catering to the needs of men, women, and children. Despite achieving substantial growth, the company faced challenges in aligning its product and design teams with this rapid expansion, highlighting the need for upskilling, team building, and process improvement.

With challenges such as, information loss, lack of creative collaboration, inefficient project management methods and missing key workflows underscored a broader issue. The central challenge addressed by the project is the lack of consistency and cohesion in design elements across the three digital platforms operated by Mosaic Wellness. This inconsistency in fonts, UI elements, and components resulted in confusion among the tech teams and posed difficulties for product managers in efficiently managing sprints.

Then arose a necessity for improved coordination, communication, and alignment across teams to ensure seamless product development and design processes that can effectively support the company's growth trajectory. The absence of a standardized design language not only hindered the development process but also affected the overall user experience and brand perception. By implementing a Design Library System (DLS), the project aimed to establish a unified and consistent design framework across all platforms, addressing these issues and enabling smoother collaboration between design, development, and product management teams.

Benefits of DLS for all stakeholders:

  • The design team: The process of building the DLS also provided an opportunity for the young design team to learn and upskill themselves in a fast-paced environment. This not only addresses immediate challenges but also fosters long-term growth and development within the organisation.
  • The product team: Leveraging the Design Library System (DLS), product managers gained insights into which design components could be repurposed and which needed fresh development, enabling them to envision product flows more rapidly.
  • The tech team: The tech team's contribution in tokenising elements streamlined the development process, creating solutions ready for deployment. Consequently, the design team could swiftly create detailed screen flows, significantly reducing the time required for design iterations. These collaborative efforts shifted the focus from technical constraints to user-centric solutions, enhancing engagement and alignment between teams. Additionally, the DLS contributes to a 30% decrease in effort for the tech team to implement new features, streamlining the development process and reducing time to market for enhancements and updates.
  • The brand: Overall, this methodology established connections by promoting cross-functional collaboration, standardising design practices, and fostering continuous learning and improvement within the company. The design solution fostered a more agile and responsive approach to product development, facilitating innovation, efficiency, and improved user experiences across digital platforms.

Mosaic Wellness, with brands like Man Matters, Be Bodywise, and Little Joys, serves over one million monthly users, providing 1.2 million consultations within the first two years at an impressive 60% repeat rate.